Horse Legs


Why should I have my forage and water tested?

Your horse is eating at least 1.5% of it's body weight in forage per day. That's about 15 to 35 pounds of hay or pasture each day, depending on your horse's weight. They are also drinking up to 20 gallons of water per day. Testing provides an accurate analysis of what is in that forage and water. It will allow you to know how much nutrient is provided as compared to the amount of nutrient the horse actually needs.

How do I use the testing results?

You can rely on Praxis to formulate your diets using your forage and water analysis as the base of the diet. We then balance the diet as appropriate for your horse's needs and your goals. We consider levels such as: energy, protein, minerals and vitamins. You will be sure your horse does not have deficiencies, toxicities or incorrect ratios; but also you will not be adding unnecessary products and nutrients.

How often should I have my forage and water tested?

We recommend testing every 'lot' and/or cutting of hay you feed. If your horse is on pasture, we suggest seasonal testing. You should have your horse's water tested at least every year, or twice a year if you have ground disturbance or farmland around you. Iodine and Selenium are additional tests. We will discuss your needs when we have our conversation.

Why should I have Praxis formulate my horse's diets?

We have the experience, knowledge and background necessary to create diets that work for you! We have successfully used FeedXL software to create diets for our own breeding and performance horses and the retirees and recuperating horses we care for in our facility. • We use your forage and water analysis to calculate what your horse is (and is not) getting in his diet. • We balance the mineral ratios in each diet. • We are independent of all feed and supplement companies. We can assess ANY feed or supplement from any manufacturer. If it's not in our database, we add it in! • If you provide us with your forage, feed and supplement costs, we will input them into your diet. You can compare daily, monthly and yearly costs and compare different diets we provide to you for consideration. • We can compare supplements, including joint supplements. • We can help you manage diseases that have a nutritional component. • We provide you with a comprehensive report which outlines and supports the components of your diet analysis. • We can create balanced diets for any horse - any breed, size, career, workload, weight or condition. • Most importantly, we work WITH you to achieve your nutritional goals.

What are the advantages of a healthy, balanced diet?

You want to KNOW your horse has an optimal diet! There are other advantages to feeding an accurately balanced diet also: • Maintain a healthy gut. • Potentially reduce feed and supplement costs. • Compare feed and supplement combinations and costs between diet options. • Strategize your diets. Feed for the different stages of pregnancy/lactation, growth, workload, rest days, recovery from an illness, forage changes, etc. • Help your horse gain or lose weight the healthy way. • Support healthy joints, muscling, fertility, immunity and a optimal topline. • Manage diseases and conditions such as PSSM, laminitis, cushings/PPID, Insulin Resistance, Metabolic Syndrome and Tying Up.